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Many successful riders across all disciplines have been members of the Pony Club, which is the largest association of riders in the world with over 40,000 members who belong to 357 branches or 347 centres.

We hold two Pony Club Competitions at Bramham, both of which are invitation only.

Details of both the Mounted Games and the Team Show Jumping are below.



Pony Club Mounted Games

There will be six invited branches, which will be confirmed nearer the event, after a series of ‘qualifying’ competitions.

You will be able to watch the following teams battle it out this year:

Badsworth Hunt
Bramham Moor
Cumberland Farmers Hunt
Morpeth Hunt
Tynedale Hunt Pony Club
York & Ainsty North



British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Pony Club Team Show Jumping


This is once again an invitational class, the details of which are available below.

This competition is for teams of three or four horses or ponies, each to be ridden by a different rider, none of whom have attained their 21st birthday by 1st January 2017.

Each team will jump the course once and the winning team will be the one who has the least number of faults, with the best three scores in each http://www.onlinepharmacytabs.com team to count.

In the event of equality of faults, there will be a jump-off, in which the whole team will participate. Should this produce equality of faults, the team with the shortest aggregate time for the three riders with the least number of faults will be the winner.

We are delighted that the BETA are sponsoring this class, and will be presenting rugs to the winning team, together with vouchers to the members of 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams.   All competitors in this class will also receive a free hoof pick, with an invitation to visit the BETA stand for a free hat/body protector check – and once there, you will receive one of the fabulous BETA goodie bags!  We really are very grateful to BETA for their support of this class.

The following Pony Club Branches are participating this year:

1 Middleton Hunt
2 Glaisdale Hunt
3 Vale of York
4 Tynedale Hunt Pony Club
5 Rockwood Harriers
6 Bedale and West of Yore
7 Bramham Moor Hunt
8 Sinnington Hunt
9 Staintondale Hunt
10 Cumberland Farmers Hunt South
11 Goathland Hunt
12 Ryburn Valley
13 York & Ainsty North
14 Percy Hunt
15 Pendle Forest
16 Middleton Hunt (East Side)
17 West Lancashire County
18 Holderness
19 Badsworth
20 York & Ainsty South
21 Chipping Branch of the Pony Club
22 Cumberland Farmers Hunt North