Team Rider Pony
1st Bedale and West of Yore Hunt Amelia Hattersley Count Du Carel
Jake Clark Rehally Artist
Robyn Chilton DHI Zeus
Isabel Higginsbotham Clockwork Orange
2nd Glaisdale Hunt Issy Hogarth Beauty
Alice Smith Singing Fontino
Caitlin Winspear Danby's Primitive Lace
Maizie Thompshon Billy
3rd Badsworth Hunt Mary Foster Maytime
Victoria Wilson Don't You Know
Chloe Naismmith Suzy
Mark Poskitt Trixie
4th York and Ainsty South Hunt Charlotte Leighton Rare Coincidence
Holly Clayden Jewel
Amelia BVrown Hot Toddy
Serena Leighton Dicksgrove Leighton
5th Staintondale Hunt Edward Bradley Little Jimmey
Jennifer Peacock Clover's Kelly
Catherine Peacock Not So Simple
Ellie Sedgwick Peachy

Mounted Games

1st Morpeth Hunt
2nd Bramham Moor Hunt
3rd Badsworth Hunt
4th Rockwood Harriers
5th Cumberland Farmer's (South) Hunt
6th Cleveland Hunt